Stretch Your Budget by Including Team Building, Hands-On Training, and Entertainment In One Unforgettable Session

Keep Attendees Fully Engaged
With Tonight Show Veterans - The Raspyni Brothers
A Highly Successful Model of Teamwork For Over 20 Years

Talking to a group about teamwork and team building is one option.


Engaging the group in a fun, hands-on workshop that will have them rolling in the aisle with laughter while learning these skills is a more desirable option.

The Raspyni Brothers have mastered the latter. They are a living, thriving example of how even the most challenging goals can be exceeded when individuals work together to develop a strategy for success.

Barry Friedman and Dan Holzman are the Raspyni Brothers.

A successful model of teamwork since 1982, their original blend of mirth, mayhem, and madness have earned them thousands of corporate engagements and hundreds of television appearances including The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

Through thoughtful customization, they brilliantly demonstrate the benefits of teamwork with an interactive program that will educate while it entertains.

Two Programs In One

Part One - The Live show

Award-winning. Proven. This version contains all the comedy and skill that has earned them four International Juggling Championships, a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, and a 2009 nomination for American Entertainment Magazine's Best Duo or Group.

But there's more...

In this presentation Barry and Dan interweave their life-experience as a team and divulge exactly what has worked for them - and why it will work for you.

Poignant, hilarious, on-target. This is not your father's keynote.

  • Meeting Goals - Teams can move mountains - here's how.

  • Communication Techniques - The power of "Yes, and" versus, "No, but"

  • Understanding Diversity - Finding the best in each team member.

  • Valuing the Thoughts of Others - Brainstorming, idea generation, and other sources of wealth.

  • Conflict Resolution - He said. She said. Here's moving towards "We say".

  • Aligning the Workforce - The importance of being in 4-wheel drive.

  • Keeping a Positive Attitude - How to excel through difficult times.

  • Taking Risks - How to go to the edge and beyond.

Part Two - The PlayShop

Ask about adding a personalized teamwork playshop to your event. Juggling, balance, communication, attitude, creativity, and cooperation, are some of the games and tools that will strengthen your team and deliver back a workforce that is tighter and stronger than ever.

While this session can last anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours - the results will last a lifetime. Your team will be participating in ways they never dreamed possible!

Focus: Balancing peacock feathers on your nose is nothing more than keeping your eye on the goal.

Team juggling lessons where they coach each other and then juggle together - one hand each!

Have a clearly-defined goal and the world is your oyster. Six games, run in obstacle course fashion for large groups, make cooperation mandatory!
- The Floating Pole
- Save The Egg
- Tower Power
- Ball Roller
- Rickety Transport System
- The Tarp Trap

Discussions: The games are followed with group discussions expertly facilitated by Barry and Dan that probe team members to think and share how the challenges and victories relate to what they face in the work environment. These revelations are recorded and used in the follow-up seminar and provided to the team in written form after the event. Read a sample of discussion questions used in the group discussions.

BrainStorming: Have a general session with Barry and Dan while they facilitate an idea and problem-solving session with your group. Looking at challenges through the comic lens has yielded some inspiring results.

Encouragement: Sharing the joy of success builds a stronger team by teaching empathy and support along with building rapport. Our debriefing session gives team members a chance to praise and be praised.

Creativity: Old and tired results live squarely in the center of the box. Let's climb out and find new solutions. Specialized games and exercises based on your client's biggest pains will offer new perspective to existing beliefs.

Same day or later in your event - Follow the Raspyni Brothers' live stage show with an up close and personal playshop where Barry and Dan literally infuse your attendees with the teamwork attitude and experience.

And the final step - Allow the Raspyni Brothers to follow-up with your attendees during a live online teleseminar where they answer questions and reiterate some of the most valuable experiences from the session.

The Raspyni Brothers have great comic chemistry. I loved their show.
- Jeffery Katzenberg, DreamWorks

The best emcees we've had in conference history. Our team was blown away -- all 4 years we had The Raspyni Brothers with us.
- Eckerd Drugs

17 years. 17 events. The Raspyni Brothers were the first and only standing ovation. Teamwork personified.
-Bishop Distributing

I want to personally thank you for your fantastic performance at the Pointe South Mountain BD National Training Meeting. Your teamwork program was the hit of the conference.
- BD Healthcare Systems

I found myself laughing so hard I was missing some of the performance... Thanks so much for entertaining us beyond our wildest expectations. Our team certainly learned a thing or two about working together!
- Texas Housing Association

We have received nothing but rave reviews regarding the Raspyni Brothers. You were the perfect choice to host our National Sales Conference.

One of the best examples of teamwork I have ever witnessed. I don't remember ever laughing that hard.
- Norman Lear, Producer

Between the script you wrote and the enthusiasm that you put into each performance, our standing-room-only crowds were laughing and learning!
- SonicWall

Thank you for the huge part you played in making our team more successful. Everyone was thoroughly entertained and the results have been measurable!
- OxyChem

We've never had an entertainment group come in and sum up the 4-day conference the way you two did. Our team was blown away at the level to which you learned our culture. Thank you a hundred times.
-Duro-Last Roofing

Throughout the show, you mixed a variety of comic dialogue while highlighting the importance of teamwork, time management, and competitive excellence - the foundations of our company's success. Clearly the Raspyni Brothers are masters at blending unique audience participation, humor, and world class entertainment that leaves everyone cheering.
- Nucor Building Systems

Leverage the Raspyni Brothers' experience in team-building to your advantage while stretching your budget.

Get Your Team Working Together

Residents of California and well-traveled throughout the free world, Barry and Dan provide your event with two unforgettable modules that will shatter the expectations of your client, while engaging and motivating your attendees.